College Inductions Part Two

On Monday 16  September, we launched the second batch of the Online and On Campus courses with several of our partner colleges. We attend the induction session of each course, and help the course tutor welcome learners to their studies. While the course tutor takes care of the on campus aspects of the blended learning courses, we support with an introduction to the online aspects so students can begin their studies straight away! Of course, our role doesn’t stop there – we’re always on hand to answer technical and academic queries, as well as constantly developing new features for our virtual learning environments.

Week 2 proved to be eventful as we beat last week’s record of welcoming 117 learners, with 175 learners in just our second week! You can read about week 1 inductions and meeting our 1000th student here.

College inductions see the Mindful team travel the breadth of the country. In week 2 we visited: 



That’s quite a few train journeys – the record distance travelled by a Mindful team member is 357 miles in under 24 hours! 

Thankfully the hard work of our team members has paid off, with all of the course inductions being carried out successfully – we even had a few last minute enrolments, which we love! 

We’ll be continuing our induction month with more sessions next week, so keep an eye out for more updates! 

Check out some of the pictures our induction teams took below 👇


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