Survey Responses from Our New Students

Following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the closure of colleges across the UK in March, Mindful education offered our Level 2 and Level 3 Accounting courses to all UK colleges, free of charge. This allowed learners who had previously been studying face-to-face classes at college (including 16-18 students, apprentices and part-time adult students) to continue their studies with minimal disruption.

Over 100 colleges have taken up this offer and we have welcomed over 5,500 students. We recently asked these students to complete a short survey and have had over 700 responses – here are some of the comments we’ve received.

What our Students Say 

Here is a selection of the comments made by students:

“Absolutely love it”

“Lockdown and covid-19 has made quite a difference to learning and without having free access to Mindful, it wouldn’t have worked for me.”

“Just want to say thank you to all the Mindful team for the great support they are giving to us.”

“Overall the course is fantastic with in depth knowledge.”

“Thank you so much, I would have given up studying if I didn’t have your amazing videos and all the questions to practice and consolidate my knowledge!”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to use your learning platform. It has made studying much more enjoyable than just using books.”

“Very useful and informative”

“So impressed With Mindful, Never thought online teaching would be effective and this has completely changed my view!”

“Mindful will be my go to in future if I need learning support/ delivery”


Some Stats from our Survey

Extension of the ‘free of charge’ offer 
Following discussions with students and tutors, we have made the decision to extend the free of charge access to our courses for colleges and training providers until 18th September. We are currently supporting over 5,500 learners from over 100 colleges through this offer and we are keen to continue to provide support as students and apprentices prepare for exams and assessments that have been delayed by the lockdown and college closures. Read more here.

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