Learners’ Views on the Future of Education

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak forced colleges to close their doors, we decided to make our AAT Level 2 and Level 3 courses available for free to all colleges across the UK, allowing current accounting students and apprentices to continue their studies from home.

As a result of this offer, we have welcomed over 5,500 learners from more than 120 colleges. These students were new to our Online and On Campus model (having all previously studied wholly face-to-face), so we were keen to hear about their experience of Mindful Education, as well as their views about the future of education.

Nearly 800 students responded to our survey, and the results have shown that many learners are considering the delivery of education in a new way.

As lockdown starts to ease, students have said that studying via an Online and On Campus course approach that allows for weekly or fortnightly classroom sessions (with appropriate social distancing measures), was the most popular. The next most popular choice was wholly face-to-face teaching (with appropriate social distancing measures in place) and then wholly distance learning in last place. These results show that the majority of students do physically want to come back to college next year to learn from tutors and spend time with peers, although more would like to see a blended approach of online and on campus learning in place for their programmes.

When asked to rank out of ten “how important will technology be in the future of your education and skills training” as an overall perspective, respondents returned an average score of 8.8, with 46.3% opting for 10/10 (‘essential’). This level of response shows that AAT learners see the role of technology as vital to their learning journey.

These results clearly show that, even as lockdown starts to ease, the role of technology will continue to play a central role in education.

You can view more results from our student survey here.

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