Learner Analytics Upgrades

The Mindful Education digital team spends a huge amount of time and effort making sure our courses are continually improving, which ensures they remain the best in the market. We are delighted to announce that some new progress chart upgrades have now been launched. These upgrades incorporate advancements in learner analytics. 

One new feature is stream reporting on the VLE. This tool allows tutors to see more detailed analytics, such as who has viewed induction streams, who has made bookings, and who has missed inductions. 

There are also new charts available in analytics. The first of these shows learner progress over time and, as the course unlocks, gives a clear visual view of if the learner is falling behind or catching up.

The bubble chart has also been updated, and now encompasses time bars along the top with hoverable zones. Both charts also now have new toggles which show optional practice. This means they are able to give tutors a better insight into study patterns.

If you have any technical queries regarding the VLE and any upgrades, please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket on your VLE, or contact us at digital@mindful-education.co.uk.

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