April Product Update for Students

In our Summer term product update we are sharing news of the recent upgrades to the learner experience on the Mindful Education VLE.

We make regular upgrades to our courses, many of which are based on feedback from our learners. Look out for our next product update in September.

VLE Updates for learners

This term we have two small but significant upgrades to tell you about.

Question re-set – you can now re-set multiple questions in a lesson at the same time – which is helpful if you are re-visiting lessons as part of your revision. You will now be presented with a pop-up and options to reset all questions, reset those that you previously revealed the answer to, or reset the individual question. Thank you to the learners who asked for this functionality – we hope everyone finds it useful.

New email templates – you will notice an improved look and feel for the system emails you receive, with a clearer layout and revised messaging.

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