Updated VLE themes

As proprietors of an award-winning Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), we dedicate significant resources into ensuring learners enjoy an excellent user experience whilst studying an Online and On Campus course or apprenticeship. 

We regularly reach out to ask our partners and their learners for feedback on our platforms, which in turn informs the future UX improvements and changes conducted by our Digital and Product teams.

We’re delighted to announce that our teams have just finished one of these rounds of improvements, and the changes have been launched across our VLE’s. One of these changes was a slimmer banner (across the top of the home and lesson pages), which 

means that learners and tutors can now view more content on the home screen without scrolling, including unit tiles and lessons. See below for a comparison between our old pages and the new ones. 


Our accounting platforms now feature a two-tone green shade – this might seem like a surface-level, interface update but it was in fact a very deliberate decision – the two-tone colours are much more suitable for learners who are visually impaired. We are passionate about ensuring our platforms have excellent accessibility, so this was a subtle but significant change.

Over the past 9 months, our teams have worked hard researching and designing different concepts for the updates. This process has not only involved looking at different designs in isolation, but also analysing how these work across different screens and resolutions. We’re delighted to have had a fantastic response from many of our partners about the new updates, and we continue to welcome any feedback on how we can improve our platform for future generations of Online and On Campus learners. 


Ivan Ivanovic, Head of Product, said “Creating an industry leading product means that feedback from learners and tutors is incredibly important – both learners and tutors who use the product should be able to navigate through the platform seamlessly. 

Our task here was to make features more accessible to learners, specifically those with visual impairment needs. Whilst some of these updates may seem aesthetic focused, they also play an active role in improving the user experience for all learners. 

A great deal of effort and time has gone into making these updates and I think each team involved has done a brilliant job of making these improvements whilst retaining the integrity of our product and its design. ” 


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