Summer Filming 2021

Over the Summer, our Production team has been busy at the studio filming content for our professional courses, including CIPD, AAT and our new NALP courses. 

Our Production team is made up of our talented presenters and our film and technical crew who help make the content we cover come to life. With filming put on hold for most of the past 18 months due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been able to spend time adding extra soundproofing upgrades to our studio. This has greatly improved the production process for everyone due to the number and length of stoppages being greatly reduced.

Our team works hard to make sure our content is engaging, and we’re constantly searching for ways to improve the learning experience for students. As part of this we enlisted Brian from The TV Training Group, who specialises in training presenters, to come along to a filming session and feedback presenting tips for the whole group, including specific pointers for individual presenters. 

Throughout the training session, Brian gave shared some helpful tips such as: 

  • When you are presenting, try and be you, but you “on a really good day” 
  • Visualise a person you are speaking to instead of the camera, such as a student you may know or someone who would be really interested in what you are saying (like your mum!)
  • Try to add variations to your speech in terms of the pitch, tone, speed, pauses etc and really emphasise the important bits – making them stand out from the rest. 

​Everyone had something to take away from the session – Gill, who has been with Mindful for three years but is new to filming shared a few words on the experience; “Presenting on camera is certainly different than presenting in a classroom, face-to-face with students, as I did for 6 years! The training session with Brian was really interesting and useful – being told I could indeed move my hands as I spoke was a relief because I could just be my natural self. We also had the chance to review our filmed sessions to see where and how we could make improvements. This gives you a chance to reflect on your presenting skills but in minute detail – a different but incredibly effective exercise!”

The Production team is hoping to roll out similar training for our other courses in the Autumn.



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