September Product Update for Students

We are pleased to share the latest upgrades to our Virtual Learning Environment. The Mindful Education digital team deploys regular updates to the VLE, as we seek to continually improve the experience for learners – based on feedback we receive through our regular surveys.

Theme updates – we have launched a new design for all our VLEs, simplifying the layout and making the VLE easier to navigate for all learners. These updates include a new homepage design and layout, reduced header size (so you can get to your learning content quicker), new banner graphics, and upgrades to the overall look and feel of the VLE.


Accessibility – included in the new theme rollout is a range of updates to improve navigation for those with sight impairment or mobility constraints. This means you now have the ability to navigate questions using the keyboard.

Guide times and watch times – we have added guide times to the VLE so that learners have an indication of how long each lesson might take. You can also immediately see the watch times below every video, allowing you to plan your study time accordingly.

Click play to watch the video on the latest VLE upgrades for learners. 

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