Behind-the-scenes: Creative team


We’re introducing a new segment to our blog called, ‘Behind-the-scenes with Mindful Education.’ This monthly feature will see us talking to different team members to catch up on what they have been working on. For our first edition, we’re speaking to Luca and Nicole who are part of our 15-strong Creative Team. Read on to discover how graphic design and animation form a key part of every Mindful Education course.


Luca – Graphic Designer 

Luca is one of Mindful Education’s talented Graphic Designers and part of our Creative Team. Luca has been with the company for four years and has worked on many key projects, ranging from producing print and digital collateral for our partners, to creating graphics for our Virtual Learning Environment. 

During a typical day, Luca would expect to work on lots of different things, but a key focus of his is to produce diagrams and icons for the downloadable lesson materials which form part of every Mindful Education course. These materials include a full transcript of each video lesson, plus ‘how to’ documents with useful hints and tips. Learners can download the lesson materials and save them on their own device. Luca and the team make these documents look interesting and appealing. You can see an example below. 










Alongside this, he works on producing the unique style guides for the different professional courses we offer, as well as key projects like our company Annual Report – you can see some of the pages from the 2021 report below. 










The Graphic Design team also plays an important part in producing images and videos to help our learners – such as the VLE tips and Study Tips that we post regularly on our social media channels. Here’s one of the study tips:  


Luca is currently working on a few new projects for 2022, including our new CIPD Level 5 course – this involves designing assets for the VLE, and creating the style guides for the videos. 

In 2020, like most companies, we were required to work from home and since most members of  our team enjoyed having this flexibility, we have continued working this way ever since, leaving it up to managers to agree with their teams how often they will come into the office. On working from home, Luca says,I’m happy working from home, I think it helps that I have my own quiet area where I have set up a home office –  I do like an occasional trip to the office to see everyone and also to have a change of scenery.”



Nicole – Motion Graphics Designer

Nicole is a Motion Graphics Designer and a member of Mindful Education’s Creative team. She has been with the company for almost five years. Nicole helps to create the moving graphics that are such an important element of our video lessons. Our use of animations is a key part of every Mindful Education course, helping to explain key concepts and maximise learner engagement. 

Nicole is currently working on designing artwork for a section of our Level 3 accounting course, focusing on some icons for the tax unit – the chainsaw is part of a scene showing how tax is charged between different suppliers before being eventually paid by the customer – Nicole used Adobe Illustrator to create the icons. 







Once they are complete, she will then go ahead and animate all of the assets in After Effects for the final video. Below is an example of  Nicole’s work:  



On work-life balance, Nicole says “it’s nice to have a mix of working from home and also going into the office 1-2 days to split up the work week.”  In her spare time, Nicole likes to experiment with photography and more recently due to working from home, is whipping up new recipes in her kitchen! 


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