Behind-the-scenes: Operations team

This month on Behind-the-Scenes with Mindful Education, we’re featuring Kelly and James from our Operations team. Read on to discover how Kelly, James, and their colleagues in the Operations team support our partner colleges and training providers. 


Kelly – Head of Delivery, Accounting

Kelly is Mindful Education’s Head of Delivery for our accounting courses and apprenticeships and works within our Operations team. 

A key part of Kelly’s role is to run training and focus group sessions to support delivery teams at our partner colleges and training providers. This training and support is an important element of Mindful Education’s partnership approach and, as an experienced AAT tutor, Kelly is well placed to advise tutors and managers on adapting to blended delivery. Kelly and her team also run twice-yearly progress review meetings with every partner, focusing on achievement rates and learner progress. 

On a day-to-day basis, Kelly will spend time tracking learner engagement across the many hundreds of cohorts studying AAT on Mindful Education Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). She can access this information through the advanced analytics section on the VLE and this live data allows Kelly to highlight any learners that may have begun to fall behind to then share this information with our partner colleges. Kelly also creates the bespoke course calendars that form the basis of our Online and On Campus courses, leads on answering day-to-day tutor and learner queries and delivers regular live-online learner inductions. 

Finally, Kelly is part of the team at Mindful Education that focuses on planning improvements and upgrades to our courses and delivery. This means she has been particularly busy assisting with Mindful Education’s preparation for Q2022 – the new course specifications that are going live in September this year.

On her favourite part of the job, Kelly says, “I love that I get to work with so many amazing people, both at Mindful and with all our partners. I also love seeing the results and progression of all the learners – so many of them have received absolutely amazing assessment results over the years, and have progressed and completed the qualifications, which is so encouraging!”


 James – Operations Manager

James is an Operations Manager for Mindful Education and his role focuses on working with managers and curriculum directors at our college partners to implement and deliver our Online and On Campus courses and apprenticeships. James is responsible for half of our partner portfolio.

Once a new partner has been onboarded and we have successfully launched courses together, James works with Kelly and our other Heads of Delivery to support tutors and managers with training and planning. A large part of his role is gathering feedback on our courses, then sharing this internally for development and improvements – this often includes very detailed workflows that track discussions with each partner.

A typical day for James usually includes a number of meetings with partner colleges to discuss upcoming course launches, delivery calendars, and potential new areas that we might work on together. He will also work closely with other members of the Mindful Education team to prepare for all aspects of our regular course launches.

Alongside this, James has recently been working on implementing a new CRM system for Mindful Education, which has been a joint effort with colleagues from the Marketing and Employer Engagement teams. He has also been reviewing the process of implementing and onboarding new partners to include all the learnings from the last two years of lockdown and the accelerated level of change in the education sector.

James is currently working with his colleague Kasia (Mindful’s other Operations Manager, who looks after the other half of our partners) on how the team can further develop and streamline their processes to improve the planning, set up, and the launch of our courses and apprenticeships.

On his favourite part of the job, James says, “I work with such a fantastic team that it makes the work genuinely enjoyable. It’s also great having absolute confidence in the quality of the product that I represent.”

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