May Product Updates

Learner Experience Upgrades

We are pleased to share the latest upgrades to our Virtual Learning Environment. The Mindful Education digital team deploys regular updates to the VLE, as we seek to continually improve the experience for learners – based on feedback we receive through our regular surveys.

Improved navigation for Level 2 and Level 3 VLEs 

We have updated the navigation using the sidebar. This is now always visible as you scroll through your lessons. This ‘sticky navigation’ will help learners to navigate lessons more easily and you will find that you will be doing less scrolling between lesson elements.  

Level 4 and Level 5 VLE Updates 

We’ve adjusted our lesson headers, making them visually cleaner and simpler, and providing consistency across all our VLEs. Learners will now find it simpler to see at a glance which tab they are using and to distinguish between the various tabs.

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AAT Update - Q2022

As you will be aware, a new suite of AAT qualifications (Q2022) will be launched in September.

Mindful Education has invested more than £1m over the past 18 months fully updating our VLEs for Q2022, with video lessons re-filmed from scratch, an improved tutor resources section including all-new mapping documents and lesson materials, and enhanced accessibility and user experience features.

We will also be providing extensive training for our partners.

Please click on the link to download our latest update on Q2022, including details of how to book your training.

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New Course from Mindful Education - Human Resources Level 5 (CIPD)

Here is an update on the launch of our latest HR course!

Our new Human Resources Level 5 course covers 100% of the knowledge component of the apprenticeship standard and has also been designed to map across to the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management and is available to launch from Autumn 2022.

The Mindful Education team has been busy creating all-new video lessons, brand new animations and a new look and feel for the Virtual Learning Environment. We’re looking forward to launching course and apprenticeship cohorts with our partners in the coming weeks and months. For more information please contact our operations team.

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