Behind-the-scenes: Digital team

This month on Behind-the-Scenes with Mindful Education, we’re featuring Ben and Mohamed from our Digital team. Read on to discover how Ben, Mohamed, and their colleagues in the Digital team support our partner colleges, training providers, and learners. 



Ben – Learning Technology Lead

In his role, Ben manages the upload of content and the administration of groups to the Virtual Learning Environment. He is also constantly testing any new features on the VLE to ensure they will provide the best experience for our learners.

A typical day for Ben involves testing new features created by the development team as well as managing learners and different groups across the Virtual Learning Environments, (releasing new units, setting up new groups ready for their induction), and adding content provided by our Academic and Creative teams to our course VLE’s. 

Ben is currently testing a number of accessibility improvements, working towards the WCAG 2.1 standard – an internationally recognised set of guidelines for making web content more accessible to people with a wide variety of disabilities. This will make the content more accessible to users with vision and hearing loss by ensuring the courses operate well with the use of screen readers – Ben is working on the ability to navigate through the courses using a keyboard, for those that have difficulty using a mouse.

On his favourite thing about working for Mindful, Ben says, “I really enjoy playing a part in developing our platform alongside a great team of people and regularly implementing new features to improve our users’ experience. Seeing the fantastic results our learners achieve makes it all the more worthwhile!”



MohamedJunior Software Engineer

Mohamed is a recent graduate who has joined our Digital team as a Junior Software Engineer. In his role, he focuses largely on our in-house data analysis tool, Arc, as well as assisting with other key projects with members of the Digital team. 

Arc is Mindful Education’s in-house one-stop shop for all things admin, analytics, and operations related to the VLEs. Arc allows our teams to find a range of information, such as key statistics, information about the learners, and any changes we make to the course syllabus – all of this information can be found on the platform or had something to do with the tool at one point. 

Mohamed helps to build new features for Arc, which range from a simple styling fix to working on fully rounded features, requiring a few weeks’ work on both the front-end and back-end of Arc. Currently, he is working on building a progression reports feature on Arc. Mohamed is using React for the frontend work, node for the backend, and SQL/DynamoDb (technology used to access data for Arc and the VLE) for the database.

On his favourite thing about working for Mindful, Mohamed says, “Regardless of how independent/hands-off the work you do is (and software engineering definitely has that reputation!), the people on your team make or break your experience. At Mindful Education it’s definitely the former! I’m incredibly glad that in my first role as a software engineer, I’m surrounded by very friendly people who I can learn from, and get along with very well!”

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