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Current Vacancies


The Role

We are seeking a Lead Editor to ensure the content we create is of a continuously high standard for our company, our partner colleges and our students.

As Lead Editor, you will have ultimate responsibility for sign off on all written content developed in-house, including that produced for film, audio, animations, online text and external print. Your main focus, however, will be overseeing the production of online lectures, which will be scripted, filmed, edited and hosted online.

You will work closely with the Managing Director and Director of Education and Partnerships to understand what the company’s business, strategy, brand and operational needs are, as well as the needs of our partners and students. Day to day, you need to develop close working relationships with our team of course experts who produce the first drafts of written content for our courses.

Key Responsibilities

  • To work closely with team members to develop learning and teaching resources for digital blended delivery. Team members will include academics, film makers, graphic designers, motion graphic designers and digital developers.
  • To review and edit educational scripts that have been written as online lectures for filming. Your review and editing work for the educational scripts will include considering items such as:
    • Checking the structure, content and length of script ties with the needs of the online lecture, yet retains the attention of the student studying;
    • Planning how the filmed script will be edited and where and when motion graphics will appear within the online lectures;
    • Checking that scripts are clear and concise, with use of appropriate tone, style and vocabulary;
    • Ensuring consistency and accuracy across all content, eliminating any anomalies;
    • Resolving queries with the authors and multimedia production teams as appropriate;
    • Checking for and avoiding possible legal issues, such as libel, partiality or breach of copyright;
    • Checking that references are quoted correctly and appropriately and that images and motion graphics have the right captions and sub-titles;
    • Giving due consideration to whether illustrations, graphs, tables and animations are appropriate for an online lesson, by discussing this with the relevant subject academic and the digital development team.
  • To review, edit and agree all digital text prepared by academics.
  • To review all copy and content that is developed for provision to students.

Skills and Experience

The candidate must possess the following skills, experience and attributes:

  • Minimum of 3 years editing experience
  • Extensive experience of editing digital and print content
  • Must have a passion for quality, high standards and detail
  • Must have drive, a “can do attitude”, determination and a readiness to roll up their sleeves
  • Must be collaborative and solutions-driven
  • Must be able to work autonomously

The following skills, experience and attributes would be an advantage to applicants:

  • More than 5 years editing experience
  • Experience in journalism will be an advantage
  • Formal qualifications or training in copy editing
  • Experience as a Lead Editor
  • Multi-discipline experience of editing i.e. a portfolio of editing work across film, audio, digital and print
  • Teaching or Instructional Design experience will be an advantage
  • A Degree or Masters in Business, Management or a closely related area
  • Previous editing work experience within an academic context, for either a university, college or academic publisher

To apply

The position is available for immediate start. Applications close on 15th October 2017. We will be in contact with any successful applicants shortly after this date.

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