New AAT Q2022 Specifications

Working in partnership with Mindful Education makes the transition to AAT Q2022 easier for college tutors and managers. 

Delivering new or updated qualifications can be daunting – requiring a huge time commitment from tutors and managers and posing a significant risk to achievement rates while the new specifications bed in. 

Mindful Education’s courses have already been updated to match AAT’s Q2022 specifications and we have taken the opportunity to make significant upgrades to our VLEs at the same time.

Helping Colleges to Prepare for Q2022

Our VLEs have been fully updated for Q2022, including:

Video lessons re-filmed from scratch

Improved tutor resources section

All-new mapping documents and lesson materials

Enhanced accessibility and user experience features

We are offering extensive tutor training on delivering the new Q2022 specifications for all our partners – sharing information on the new specifications and best practice for delivery. We will be contacting all our partner colleges with details of this training.

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Q2022 Pilot with Cardiff and Vale College

We have worked in partnership with AAT and Cardiff and Vale College to deliver the UK’s only blended learning pilot of the new Q2022 Level 2 course, so our Q2022 courses have already been road-tested.

AAT Lifetime Achievement Award-Winner, Michael Webster, has been leading the pilot for Cardiff and Vale College, supported by the Mindful Education team.

We have received a fantastic first set of results from the Introduction to Bookkeeping unit assessment.

Learners achieved a 100% pass rate.

92% of learners received distinction and merit grades.

Video - Q2022 Case Study

Delivering Q2022 courses in Partnership

We know that no two colleges are the same, so we will take the time to meet your key staff and develop delivery plans that will work for your learners. 

The typical time to implement a partnership effectively is around two months – although this could be longer based on staff availability. 

So if you would like to explore working in partnership with Mindful Education to deliver Q2022 courses from September onwards, then please do not delay, get in touch now by emailing

Attend a Free Webinar on Q2022

The Mindful Education Operations Team is running free webinar sessions during May for tutors and managers from non-partner colleges. These sessions will focus on highlighting the key changes in the specifications and outlining Mindful Education’s approach to delivering Q2022 courses. 

To book your session, please click on the link below.

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Get In Touch

If you have any questions about AAT Q2022, or want to find out more about how Mindful Education can support you with preparing for the delivery of the AAT Q2022 specification update, then please get in touch.

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