Funding boost for AAT courses

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Uplift in AEB Funding for 2024/25

It has been recently announced that there will be a significant funding increase for the Adult Education Budget (AEB) for 2024/25. Accounting courses will also move up from “base” funding to “low” funding. This means an additional  45% funding for AAT Level 2 courses starting in September 2024, as well as a 12% increase for Level 3, and 9% for Level 4 courses.

This will result in the following increases for AAT course funding rates:

Current Funding Rate 2024/25 Funding Rate Percentage Increase
AAT Level 2 £1,265 £1,836 45%
AAT Level 3 * £2,573 £2,880 12%
AAT Level 4 ** £2,573 £2,808 9%

The AAT were grateful to Mindful Education and our college partners for the role they played in achieving a banding uplift. Nick Woodrow, Business Development Manager at AAT, said:

“We are grateful to Mindful Education and their partners, who submitted a detailed letter of support setting out why a higher funding rate was needed. The support of Mindful Education and their partners has played a pivotal role in securing this increase in funding for our qualifications. Thank you.”

Nick Woodrow, Business Development Manager at AAT

*In addition to the core funding rate, the AAT Level 3 programme will continue to attract an uplift of £600 for learners accessing Free Courses for Jobs funding

**AAT Level 4 learners may soon be eligible for additional funding via the new HTQ reforms

Read more about this change.

Posted on: 6 March 2023

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