Partner case studies

Hear from learners, employers, tutors and senior managers about the benefits of Mindful Education’s Online and On Campus courses and apprenticeships.

BMet – a tutor’s view of working with Mindful Education

Eve Jones is an experienced Accounting Tutor who won the 2023 AAT Inspiration Award in recognition of her passion for learning.

In this case study, Eve talks about Mindful Education’s blended learning approach, how the role of the tutor changes, and the benefits that this has brought for the college and her learners. We also hear from Vice Principal Jan Myatt and three of Eve’s part-time adult learners.

Westminster Adult Education Service – Flexible Accounting courses with Mindful Education

Westminster Adult Education Service delivers inclusive, high quality adult education programmes in the heart of London.

Hear from Assistant Principal Alison Muggridge, Tutor Samantha Carnegie and a selection of part-time adult learners about their experience of Online and On Campus courses with Mindful Education.

Cardiff and Vale College – Q2022 Pilot with Mindful Education

Cardiff and Vale College is one of the largest colleges in the UK, delivering high quality education and training in South Wales. In Spring 2022, Mindful Education and Cardiff and Vale College delivered the only blended learning pilot programme in the UK for AAT’s new Q2022 specifications.

Hear from Vice Principal Emil Evans, AAT Lecturer Mike Webster, Deputy Head of Business Fiona Tierney and some of the learners about the pilot programme and the benefits of blended learning for colleges and their part-time adult learners.

Venari Group and Train Together – Flexible Apprenticeships with Mindful Education

Venari group is a premium quality builder of emergency vehicles and an equipment supplier for the emergency services. Train Together is an independent CPD training provider supporting employers and individuals across England.

Hear from Jo Povall, Customer Relationship Partner at Train Together and Kathryn Baines, Human Resources Manager at Venari, about the flexible apprenticeships that Train Together and Mindful Education deliver in partnership for Venari.

Harlow College – Flexible Apprenticeships with Mindful Education

Harlow College is a highly successful general further education college in Essex.

We interviewed three apprentices to find out about their experience of studying for their accounting qualifications through Mindful Education’s flexible Online and On Campus approach and we also hear from Harlow College’s Senior AAT Tutor Raymond Njoroge.

DKR Chartered Accountants and Walsall College – Flexible Apprenticeships with Mindful Education

DKR Chartered Accountants & Tax Consultants is a boutique firm of accountants that services a wide range of clients across the Midlands. Mindful Education and Walsall College work in partnership to deliver flexible accounting apprenticeships to the DKR team.

In this case study, DKR’s Managing Partner Khuram Javed discusses the benefits of Mindful Education’s blended learning model for his business. We also hear from Walsall College’s Assistant Principal James Norris, Trainer Assessor Debbie Evans and two apprentices.

Ambitions Academies Trust – Hybrid Apprenticeships with Mindful Education

Ambitions Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust with 14 sites in the South of England.

Mindful Education and Strode College work in partnership to deliver flexible apprenticeships for the Trust. In this video, Emma Hart, Deputy HR Director at Ambitions Academies Trust, Suzie Drew Business Development Manager at Strode College and Micha, one of the apprentices on the programme, talk about the benefits of the Online and On Campus approach for employers and learners.

Abingdon and Witney College – Learning for Life

We are proud to have partnered with AoC (Association of Colleges) and ITN Productions to produce ‘Learning for Life’, a series of short films exploring how colleges are transforming the lives of their students. This section features Mindful Education and our partner Abingdon and Witney College – with students and staff discussing how our blended learning courses have helped students achieve their career goals.