In the making: Mindful Education’s animated Christmas card

Mindful Education Marketing team

Each year, our graphic design and marketing teams collaborate to create our animated Christmas card, which is then shared with thousands of our college partners, learners and colleagues. 

This year’s card is especially exciting as we recently rebranded! Here’s how the teams came together to brainstorm ideas, work through the concept, and bring the card to life:

The graphic design team began by looking at inspiration on platforms such as Pinterest and Behance, as well as real life inspiration they might see during their day-to-day lives! They then sketched and developed these ideas on Adobe Illustrator, and animated them on Adobe After Effects.

The team knew our new brand would feature heavily in the animation. They used a range of brand elements within the animation – from characters and our new colours, to our signature ribbon element.

It was decided to keep the design and layout minimal, with the ribbon Christmas tree as the main focus.

Presenting Mindful Education’s annual animated Christmas card 2023! 

Posted on: 12 December 2023

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