Springing forward: The Department for Education’s strategic procurement of apprenticeships in 2024

Katherine McKenna Head of Employer Engagement

As we look forward to the start of Spring in the coming months, a fresh breeze of innovation is sweeping through the educational landscape with the announcement by the Department for Education (DfE) of their new apprenticeships contract, which is expected to have a value of £10 million. The DfE is therefore looking for suppliers to deliver 33 apprenticeship standards for staff within the DfE and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

This new initiative demonstrates a government commitment to securing high-quality apprenticeships that align with the demands of a rapidly changing job market, and has the potential to create a more dynamic and responsive educational governance ecosystem that prepares individuals for the challenges and opportunities of the future job market. 

Interested in tendering? 

At Mindful Education we offer a number of the apprenticeships on the DfE’s procurement list: 

  • Level 3 Team Leader or Supervisor
  • Level 5 Operations or Departmental Manager
  • Level 3 Assistant Accountant (AAT)
  • Level 4 Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician (AAT)
  • Level 3 HR Support
  • Level 5 People Professional 

You can access the full list here

We would be glad to support any of our college and training provider partners in their tendering process for this scheme. Our team provides unlimited DPS and bid writing planning support to business development teams, which includes providing responses to questions on delivery models as well as progress tracking.

The announcement of this procurement signals a blossoming era for education and employment. It reflects a commitment to excellence, collaboration and innovation, and sets the stage for a brighter future where apprenticeships play a pivotal role in shaping skilled and empowered professionals within the civil service. 


If you are interested in tendering for these apprenticeships and would like to access our employer engagement support, then please speak directly to your Mindful Education Employer Engagement Manager, or alternatively you can email apprenticeships@mindful-education.co.uk

Posted on: 9 January 2024

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