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If you are an adult learner in England, there are various funding options available to help cover the costs associated with undertaking a professional qualification, including Mindful Education’s Online and On Campus courses. The cost of your course can be partly or even fully paid through government funding, depending on the level of the qualification you are studying. If you are not eligible for funding then you might be able to take a loan. Funding and loans are usually only available through further education colleges. 

In addition to possible funding and loan options, many colleges will offer staged payment plans where you can pay the cost of your course in instalments across the year. 

Speak to the student services team at your local college and ask for information on fees and the funding available for the courses you are interested in. Below are some examples of the funding and loan options available, along with some links to useful resources.  

Level 2: Adult Education Budget

For Level 2 courses, colleges can provide Adult Education Budget funding, which enables them to reduce the cost you will pay for your course. Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances the course may be part-funded or could be free of charge. 

Level 3: Free Courses for Jobs

Hundreds of Level 3 courses qualify for Free Courses for Jobs funding, including bookkeeping, accounting, and management qualifications. The scheme is aimed at helping individuals improve their wage outcomes, job prospects, and gain skills that employers value. For eligible learners this means that you will not need to pay anything for your course. Ask your local college for more details. 

In addition to those courses in the Free Courses for Jobs scheme, courses may also qualify for funding via the Adult Education Budget in devolved areas under what is called “Local Flexibilities”. And if you’re not eligible for funding, then you can take out an Advanced Learner Loan to cover some or all of the cost of your study. Again, the student services team at your college will have all the information you need.

Level 4: Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced Learner Loans are available for courses at Level 3 and above. These loans provide access to financial support, similar to the process associated with tuition fee loans in higher education, and are administered by Student Finance England. You don’t have to start repaying the loan until your earnings reach a certain level. You should discuss options for loans directly with your college or training provider. 

Learners living in devolved areas may qualify for free courses where certain qualifications are viewed as a local priority need. Your local college should know of these opportunities.


We deliver our flexible courses in partnership with colleges and training providers, so our partners are best placed to discuss the various funding options available to you. Visit the locations page on our website to see which of our partners is nearest to you and speak to them about our part-time, professional courses here

Posted on: 20 May 2024

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