Employers are largely unaware that apprenticeships bring the following benefits to an organisation

Mindful Education Marketing team

We recently surveyed employers across the accounting, finance, and HR sectors to understand what benefits they thought an apprenticeship would bring to their organisation, or any misconceptions they might have about them. 

Bridging skill gaps

Of those surveyed only 23% of respondents were aware of how apprenticeships can help with succession planning. Apprenticeships achieve this by being customisable to an organisation’s needs, allowing them to address specific skills gaps within the company and ensure employees’ skills remain up to date with evolving industry standards.

Taking part in our panel at the 2024 Annual Apprenticeship Conference, Lucy Hunte, National Programme Manager (Apprenticeships) at NHS England, pointed out that organisations like the NHS can dedicate their apprenticeship levy pot to upskilling their existing staff. She added that this is particularly beneficial for those looking to move from a clinical role to an administrative one, or for clinical members of staff who want to move into a leadership position but might not have the necessary management qualifications or experience to do so. 

Increased employee retention and loyalty

Respondents to our survey were largely unaware of how investing in your team through apprenticeships could boost employee loyalty, with only 29% recognising this as a primary benefit of implementing apprenticeships within their organisation. 

Knowing your organisation is prepared to invest in you is a huge driver for workforce loyalty, and is key for businesses looking to improve talent retention, particularly for highly sought-after roles. Presenting employees with a flexible and competitive learning option will give them the best chance to succeed in their studies, and provide that extra boost of motivation needed to excel. In addition, providing a clear learning pathway for employees professional development results in reduced turnover and recruitment costs. 

In addition to bridging skills gaps and increasing employee retention and loyalty, integrating professional apprenticeships into your training strategy offers numerous benefits. At Mindful Education, our hybrid learning model for professional apprenticeships and part-time courses provides the ultimate flexibility for both employers and learners. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you to build a strategic apprenticeship programme, then please get in touch. 

Posted on: 11 July 2024

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