Support for colleges and tutors

Mindful Education’s operations team works closely with our partner colleges and training providers to support delivery of Online and On Campus courses and apprenticeships. We offer unlimited training and support to tutors and managers and we’re always available to help – please get in touch


“I've been very lucky because Mindful Education has done the legwork for me - the support, the resources, everything that comes from Mindful Education is first class.”

Mike Webster
Lecturer in Accounting/ AAT Programme Co-ordinator Q2022 AAT Pilot
Cardiff and Vale College

“Working with Mindful Education has been brilliant. We found right from the offset they were open and flexible in the way they approach things.”

Alison Muggridge
Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Quality
Westminster Adult Education Service

“We've been working with Mindful Education for five years now. It's the perfect blend of engaging with fellow students on site but also being able to access their programme online. That's the future of education.”

Emil Evans
Vice Principal, Q2022 AAT Pilot
Cardiff and Vale College

“The development and support I have had from Mindful Education exceeds all my expectations. Mindful Education are with us every step of the way.”

Samantha Carnegie
Course Leader, Accounting and AAT Provision
Westminster Adult Education Service

“We highly recommend Mindful Education, the whole college loves it. It's the benchmark we look for in any other sectors and as far as I know, nothing comes close to it.”

Fiona Tierney
Deputy Head of Business
Cardiff and Vale College

“Mindful offers high quality resources, access to real professionals who understand the curriculum and a system that allows you to track and monitor students.”

Karen Spencer
Principal and CEO
Harlow College