Making a choice about how and where to study is an important decision. On this page you can hear what some of our current and previous students think about Mindful Education’s professional courses.

Doing my studies online and then coming to college and practicing what I’ve learned and getting my questions answered works perfectly for me.

I’m a mum and I have to work so it was perfect for me to only come to college for classes once a week and to study online when I have the time.

You’re set up to succeed. If you haven’t got time to go to two evening classes a week, then go down the blended route.

All I needed was a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You can be anywhere, any time and you can log into your account and just do a bit of work or revision.

It’s user-friendly, I really love the online learning course. I can do it whenever I want, for example at work if I have 10 minutes gap.