Addressing the urgent need to upskill the UK workforce

Mindful Education Marketing team

In today’s rapidly evolving economic and technological landscape, the need to upskill and future proof the workforce is more important than ever. 

In their 2023 Future of Jobs Report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) highlighted a number of key statistics that reflect the current sense of urgency felt by many workers in the UK. The report states that by 2025, 44% of the skills required for jobs will have changed and that six in ten workers will require training before 2027. 

Most notably, over the past five years, only 30% of employees in the UK received workplace training, something which has been exacerbated by cuts in recent years to further education budgets. Many employers are also contributing to the widening skills gap by recruiting new talent rather than upskilling their pre-existing workforce.

However, there are steps being taken to ensure that employers are aware of training opportunities for their workforce. The government’s introduction of LSIPs (Local skills improvement plans) has proven a welcome move towards making it easier for employers to navigate the education and training system, and has enabled them to build a stronger relationship with their local providers. 

At Mindful Education, we continue to see an increase in demand from employers for a flexible training solution for their staff. We believe that closer collaboration between training providers and employers, facilitated by LSIPs, will allow for a boost in the number of employees upskilling in their roles.

With upskilling rightly becoming an increasing priority throughout the UK, we hope that employers realise the vast benefits of flexible training options and how this can help them prepare their teams for whatever challenge is around the corner. 

You can read more on this topic in our latest thought-piece.

Posted on: 29 February 2024

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