At Mindful Education we work closely with our college partners to ensure that we engage effectively with all levels of the organisation. On this page you can see and hear what senior managers, tutors and students from some of our partner colleges have to say about our courses.

From a management perspective, Mindful have been very open to ideas and discussion. We found them very professional, we have found their resources to be exemplary.

In Mindful Education we found a partner that matches our values in terms of quality of learning experience.

The blended approach has proved really effective and is also very popular with Tutors and Assessors. Time in lessons can be used to reinforce key learning points and work on collaborative group exercises.

We can see what [students] have completed…and we can also look at how successful the students have been at the quizzes and the tests they have done.

The beauty with the blended course is that [students] can go back over the lessons, they can review the videos. The course has been so easy to teach.

Blended learning increases the amount of people who are able to engage in education. Access to blended learning opens doors.

If I didn’t do blended learning, I wouldn’t be able to do my qualifications.

Anyone who’s got a hectic lifestyle, who thinks that education is not for them, I say blended learning is the way forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it really worked for me having both online lessons and tutor groups, giving the best of both worlds and providing a great way to fully understand the units.