Forging career paths: How a business admin qualification helps organisational growth

Katherine McKenna Head of Employer Engagement

Technology is constantly reshaping the business landscape. Coupled with increased budgetary restraints, many organisations are left scratching their heads and wondering how they can keep up and still continue to grow in this whirlwind of uncertainty.

Taking a first step by looking at your team to identify any skills gaps can truly make a difference. There is a wealth of government funding available to help your organisation become more resilient, no matter what lies ahead.

There are some fantastic qualifications on the market, but one in particular is a great place to start for an organisation looking to upskill office based staff. With over 12,000 apprenticeships starts in 2022-2023 alone, business administration is consistently named as one of the most popular standards in the UK. It perfectly lays the groundwork for individuals who want to develop professionally, but may want the freedom to move in a number of directions within an organisation. In addition, it provides individuals with the support they need to develop important skills including communication, project management, organisation and time management.

If you are considering reviewing your teams’ skills and incorporating development opportunities into your talent strategy, then the best place to start could be by implementing a ladder of opportunity into your learning and development plan. A level 3 business administration qualification would act as a solid first ‘rung’ or ‘step’ on this ladder, allowing employees to receive those all important insights into business fundamentals, and explore different career pathways – from project management to human resources. 

Implementing a ‘ladder of opportunity’ approach to learning and development can really help boost work productivity and employee motivation, and decrease staff turnover. If you are interested in learning more about how the team at Mindful Education can help you to implement a ladder of opportunity within your learning and development strategy, then please email, and we will gladly support you.

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