An update on our services for partners

Mindful Education Marketing team

We’re pleased to announce some new and upgraded services for our partners. 

The Mindful Education Partner Hub has been significantly upgraded for 2024-25. Powered by our award-winning virtual learning environment (VLE), the Partner Hub is a free resource for our partners, acting as a one-stop-shop for college teams to access and download information about our courses, our partnership and the services we offer. Our partners are telling us that this has been transformative for their teams in terms of the breadth and quality of the information and assets available. 

Included in the upgraded Partner Hub is our new Curriculum Builder tool which contains a wealth of information on our courses and apprenticeships including pricing information, funding options, infilling opportunities and recommended delivery models. Our expert team works closely with awarding organisations to ensure that our course information is kept up to date and Curriculum Builder is a great resource for tutors and curriculum managers to help with course planning and delivery and to keep abreast of funding updates. The tool also details the recommended infill points on all our courses and apprenticeships – which is helping our partners to build sustainable rolling cohorts of learners, offering the flexibility that employers are seeking. Our partners can access Curriculum Builder via the Curriculum Team unit of the Partner Hub. 

We were delighted to share news in March of increased funding for part-time AAT part-time courses, the first for seven years. The most significant increase is for the Level 2 Certificate in Accounting which sees a 45% increase. Mindful Education’s marketing, partnership,  employer engagement and curriculum support teams are working with counterparts across our partner organisations to ensure that teams are aware of the increases and are updating their marketing and IAG accordingly. 

We are also assisting our partners with financial planning by providing detailed 3-year financial models for our partnerships. These bespoke models encompass learner numbers, course fees and funding, planned growth and delivery costs to present a complete picture of planned partnership income and contribution margins. Our partnership team will be in touch to share 3-year models with all our partners, and we provide these as standard as part of the planning process with new partners. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch via 

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