The joy of being an educator: teaching in FE

James Phillips-Hicks Head of Operations

For many educators, their joy of teaching is derived from the fact that they’re making a difference in the lives of their learners. It also acts as a way of giving back by passing down their knowledge to shape the future generation. 

Much similar was the motivation of Cath Littler, our Head of Learning (Accounting) at Mindful Education. Cath never envisioned that she would become an AAT tutor. Yet, from the very first lesson, she was hooked. The anxiety of being responsible for the learners’ education was outweighed by witnessing the success of her students. As Cath progressed in her career, she turned her attention towards preparing learning materials for other tutors, however she is still always thrilled to engage with learners.

For many people, the prospect of working in further education (FE) presents itself as an attractive option due to the flexibility and good work-life balance that it provides. The sector is currently looking for individuals to take on roles across a wide range of subject areas, and deliver vocational and academic courses to learners aged 16 and above. 

Working in further education doesn’t always require a qualification or extensive training. Real-world experience is extremely important and highly valuable to learners. If you think of yourself as a coach or mentor, then there are many institutions out there which will support you in achieving teaching qualifications.

If you are an aspiring FE tutor, then you can use AoC jobs or FE jobs to explore job opportunities. Alternatively, you can contact your local college to find out about available roles. A dedicated support service for those interested is also available.

Posted on: 16 January 2024

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