Returning to education in adulthood

Salka Dar Marketing Assistant

Revisiting education as an adult may be daunting, however, the rewards are immeasurable. The choice to return to education opens many opportunities for professional success, and personal growth.

There are a number of great reasons to return to education

Whether it is driven by the need to achieve more academically or professionally, there are a number of reasons of why you may be thinking of returning to education:

Upskilling: To advance in your existing career, or start a new one.

Exploring interests: To follow a particular passion, hobby or interest via a formal qualification.

However, there are also a number of challenges you may be wondering about when it comes to further education.

Time management: Finding time to learn may present a challenge when considering your options, however there are a number of flexible study options that are becoming increasingly popular, and which allow access to education to a wider range of people with competing priorities.

Financial situations: Finances can be a limiting factor to a person’s choice to return to education, however, there is a range of funding available to adults in the UK who want to return to education. 

It’s also really important to remember that, despite any challenges or barriers to accessing the qualifications you’re looking to pursue, it’s really important to look at the long-term benefits of education. No matter what the motivation is, adults who choose to invest in their education are rewarded for their efforts.

Improved earnings: There is a strong correlation between education and income. By returning to education and achieving higher qualifications you open doors to higher-paying jobs.

New opportunities: Many new opportunities present themselves when you choose to pursue education as an adult, creating a stable basis for a new and exciting career.

Personal growth: Returning to education invites new experiences and personal growth, and boosts self confidence.

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Posted on: 19 March 2024

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